About us

A licensed company in Turkey, interested in providing services and advice to foreigners regarding insurance, residence, real estate purchase, and company formation.

We are distinguished by our long experience in our fields of work, which we have gained from our commitment to provide the best services to customers while always winning their satisfaction and trust, and to keep us informed of any new details related to our fields of work, and to update our information and advice based on the latest laws and government decisions in Turkey.

We offer our services from inside our headquarters in Istanbul

our vision

To be a safe haven for all those coming to Turkey to get the best offers in various fields “insurance, investment and real estate ownership”

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Action speed
perfect services
Attention to customers and their requirements
Continuing to provide the best offers at the lowest prices

Our advantages
A highly qualified and experienced team
Providing the best offers and investment opportunities
Lowest prices in Turkey
Provide free consulting services
Continue to serve the customer until satisfaction



Our services
Insurance services in Turkey
Extracting health insurance
Tourist insurance for travelers
Real estate insurance against earthquakesundefined and natural disasters
Car insurance extraction
Powerful, unique offers and low costs
Urgent Actions

Residence services in Turkey
Book an appointment online for all Turkish states
Commenting on the residency transaction in Turkey at the Immigration Department in Istanbul
Preparing papers, translating and notarizing the necessary documents
Book urgent appointments in Istanbul
Provide VIP accommodation services
Competitive costs
Follow up on the residence file until it is received
Provide free consultations to clients
Extracting and renewing all types of residence permits in Turkey:
Tourist accommodation
Real estate residence
Work residence
Student residence
family residence

real estate services
Providing advisory and legal services to buy a property in Turkey
Choosing the best real estate offers
Assistance in the process of real estate ownership
Providing assistance in the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate

Company incorporation services in Turkey
Preparing the necessary papers to establish your company in Turkey
Providing legal services to obtain a license
Urgent and legal actions
encouraging costs
Providing free consulting services undefined